CREATIONOFUNIVERSE.COM - Recently AddedenCopyright (C) 1994 1CREATIONOFUNIVERSE.COMhttp://creationofuniverse.com Bengisu Karaca: ‘Yes’ to Intellectual Struggle, ‘No’ to ViolenceSeptember 27th, 2014: Haber Türk Haberturk columnist Nihal Bengisu Karaca wrote that only long term political and cultural conflict with ISIL would be effective and the bombing methods used by the US would only increase hatred and make the situation worse. She noted, “Therefore I say ‘ye...‘yes’-to‘yes’-to, 30 Oct 2014 10:28:38 +0200At Times of Mischief, Sit At Home and Stay Away From It8 Ekim 2014, Mehmet Şimşek’in Twitter Hesabı Our Minister of Finance Mr. Mehmet Şimşek shared a hadith of our Prophet (saas) on his Twitter account and warned the Kurdish people against mischief. “At times of mischief, he who rides shall ride, he who runs shall walk, he who wal..., 30 Oct 2014 10:24:40 +0200Mr. Tayyip Erdoğan: Islam is the Basis For UsSeptember 17th, 2014: Haber Türk President Mr. Erdoğan made the following statements in the face of allegations that “Turkey is supporting ISIL.” “Turkey is a country that is against all sorts of terror. We do not accept a concept like Islamic terror. The word &ls..., 30 Oct 2014 10:18:32 +0200The Conundrum of Libya’s Refugees and MigrantsJust assume you are in your home; suddenly, due to the violence and hatred instilled in people based on the worldly greed of power, conflicts arise within the community that lead to mass murder and a massacre of the innocent. In fact, this is what we see in many parts of the world, particularly in Syria, Iraq, Myanmar, Suda...’s-refugees’s-refugeesWed, 29 Oct 2014 22:29:59 +0200The peshmerga should not shoot at ISIS. It would be better if they reached a peace agreement with ISISExcerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated October 20&21th, 2014..., 29 Oct 2014 20:59:18 +0200Idolatry brings ruin to people. It drags them into committing murders, killing people and even killing themselves, burning and destroying their surroundings. But once those people are saved from idolatry they become a radiant, luminous people. And that will be made possible by Imam Mahdi (pbuh), insha'Allah. (A9 TV; October 19th, 2014)..., 29 Oct 2014 01:13:42 +0200The best thing to be done against ISIS is to explain the truth with love, science and wisdom. That is because these people believe in God yet they are trapped in idolatry; this idolatry drags them into committing murder. They have been misinformed. If you correct that mistake, the whole issue would then be solved. (A9 TV; October 19th, 2014)..., 29 Oct 2014 01:12:21 +0200Abdullah Öcalan's being released from prison is not even a possibility for discussion. He should most definitely be kept in prison. His release would require –may God forbid- the release of all PKK militants. That would then give legality to the PKK and that in turn would make it legal for a state to be founded in the Southeast of Turkey. (A9 TV; October 19th, 2014)..., 29 Oct 2014 01:10:42 +0200They are trying to make it seem as if there is a multi-headed PKK, but that is a delusion, a fallacy. The PKK has always been led from one center. All they care for is to have Abdullah Öcalan released as soon as possible and to make him the president of the communist Kurdistan that they will found in the Southeast. (A9 TV; October 19th, 2014)..., 29 Oct 2014 01:09:17 +0200The number of U.S. troops who have committed suicide in the last 10 years is far higher than the number who died in Afghanistan and IraqExcerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated October 20 &21 th, 2014..., 28 Oct 2014 17:11:06 +0200Mehmet Bekaroğlu: The CHP Should Have An MP With HeadscarfSeptember 14th, 2014: Cumhuriyet Newspaper Mehmet Bekaroglu, who was elected for the CHP’s party assembly, noted at an interview that the CHP could make peace with religious circles with social democratic policies, and added, “The CHP should have an MP with a headscarf.”..., 28 Oct 2014 06:25:40 +0200Mr. Ahmet Davutoğlu: Let’s Build Peace, Have a Chat and Drink Some TeaSeptember 16th, 2014: Akşam During his visit to the TRNC, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu held a press conference with President Dervis Eroglu. PM Davutoglu made a call to Greece’s Prime Minister Andonis Samaras and said, “If Mr. Prime Minister is ready, and we can go to the South togethe...’s-build’s-build, 28 Oct 2014 06:22:17 +0200ISIL commits violence on the basis of false hadiths in the same way that the Christian Crusaders misinterpreted the BibleExcerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated October 20th, 2014..., 27 Oct 2014 23:22:20 +0200The PKK taught violence to ISExcerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated October 17th, 2014..., 27 Oct 2014 13:53:40 +0200The only solution to communist terror is anti-communist intellectual activity..., 27 Oct 2014 13:29:43 +0200Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, Author, TV Host and Public Speaker...,-din-ve-politika-hakkinda-ne-diyor/Rabbi_Shmuley_Boteach.jpgMon, 27 Oct 2014 09:47:45 +0200It is evident that the YPG and the PKK are terrorist groupsExcerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated October 18th, 2014..., 26 Oct 2014 23:44:46 +0200Hezbollah and Al-Nusra also fights with IS, but only the PKK is given weaponsExcerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated October 15th, 2014..., 26 Oct 2014 22:33:59 +0200China continues to execute East TurkestanisExcerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated October 18th, 2014..., 26 Oct 2014 20:51:45 +0200Sweden Appoints First Muslim MinisterAida Hadzialic, the 27-year-old Bosnian Muslim immigrant, has been named the new Swedish minister of education. Born in 1987 in Foca, Bosnia, the 27-year- old Swedish politician is now the youngest person ever to serve as a minister in Sweden. Sweden is a country that has opened its doors to immigrants for decades and Hadzi..., 26 Oct 2014 00:11:17 +0300