The Creation Of The Universe

Bulgaria, Dnevnik newspaper, November 20th 2008

You studied arts and philosophy in secular Turkey. How did you then come to devote your life to the destruction of Darwinism?
War and bloodshed have attracted my attention ever since I was a child. I thought that this disorder, these wars could not be haphazard. Nobody wants war under normal circumstances, nobody would do such a thing, and yet human beings are constantly at war. I decided I needed to investigate this. This was in my final years of high school. When I looked into it, I encountered Darwinism. And I also saw that atheist Zionism and Freemasonry were making huge efforts to spread Darwinism and materialism. And these three became the main targets of my intellectual struggle. I started engaging in cultural activities that criticized these and revealed their true faces intellectually, scientifically and technically. I was greatly affected by seeing the suffering irreligion inflicted on humanity and the oppression it led to. I realized that I had to take action very quickly, with no loss of time, and I commenced this intellectual struggle I am still engaged on now and, by Allah’s will, I shall pursue that struggle until this false idea is totally eradicated.

Is there any relation between your ideas and the theory of intelligent design spreading in the West?
I do not find the idea and expression of intelligent design particularly honest. I mean, I do not think it is acceptable the way they say that nothing is by chance and that there is an intelligence that brings everything into being, but fail to openly state that this sublime intelligence is Almighty Allah. The existence and creation of Allah are crystal clear. There is no sense or logic in concealing this or trying to cover it up.

Many people dislike Darwinism simply because they despise to be considered the descendants of apes. But how do you explain the fact that hominid fossils are among the youngest found and that many other species go back millions of years earlier?
For one thing, it is not only the claim that human beings share a supposed common ancestor with apes that invalidates Darwinism, but the fact that all the claims it makes are lies, the fact that all its claims have been scientifically refuted. The fossil record in particular represents a lethal body blow to Darwinism. Darwin himself wrote a chapter called “Difficulties on Theory” in his book On the Origin of Species, in which he admitted that he was at a total dead-end in the face of the fossil record. “Why, if species have descended from other species by insensibly fine gradations, do we not everywhere see innumerable transitional forms? … But, as by this theory innumerable transitional forms must have existed, why do we not find them embedded in countless numbers in the crust of the earth?… Why then is not every geological formation and every stratum full of such intermediate links?” he says, and goes on to add “this, perhaps, is the most obvious and gravest objection which can be urged against my theory.” In other words, Darwin himself was well aware of this. But he handed the problem over to subsequent generations, promising that the fossils to confirm his theory would be discovered in later years. But his promise was an empty one. Evolutionists have been digging all over the world for the last 150 years. One hundred million fossils have been unearthed. But not one of them indicates evolution. Look, not just 10,000 or 100,000 fossils but 100 million, and not one points to evolution. That makes it impossible to speak of evolution at all. It is impossible to say that life forms are descended from one another, that they developed in stages. These fossils indicate one sole fact, and that is that living things are created.

Your ideas are obviously in line with traditional religion. Does that mean that you support the return of a religious social order?
People may not fully realize what kind of environment religious moral values actually offer, and because of that lack of knowledge they may assume mistaken ideas or preconceptions. The fact is that belief in Allah and living by religious moral values is a great comfort and relief for human beings. It is a blessing that beautifies, enriches and eases people’s lives. Religious moral values means love. It means compassion, forgiveness, altruism. It means thinking of and protecting other people before oneself. It means modesty. It means caring for the needy. An environment without religious moral values is a source of unhappiness for people. In the absence of religious moral values there is selfishness, ruthlessness and lovelessness. We need to reflect on why people do not smile. Why are they unable to enjoy beauty as they should, and why do they prefer a weary, apathetic life over striving to improve themselves, their own lives and those of other people? The failure to fully live by religious moral values is the reason for all this. Yet if people live by religious virtues, their surroundings will be quite heavenly, by the will of Allah. And of course I want people to be happy and live in beauty. I am striving to bring that about.

Political Islam is on the rise in Turkey. So are you. What is the connection between these two trends?
The Turkish nation are by and large conservative and devoted to national and spiritual values. But that devotion has been even further strengthened over the last 20-30 years. That is evident. In the 1970s, for example, belief in Darwinism in Turkey was very high, with around 70%-80% of people believing in Darwinism. Today, however, the level of belief in Creation in Turkey is 90%, and the country has one of the lowest levels of belief in Darwinism in the world. This is very significant, because the public have seen and realized the truth. Our cultural activities have of course played a major part in this. More than a thousand conferences have been held, books published and documentaries filmed. A comprehensive consciousness raising campaign has been carried out and excellent results have been obtained. The impact of these activities will become even more apparent in the near future. The Turkish public have never been leftist and materialist, and will never be so in the future.

You regard Darwinism as one of the main reasons for the rise of communism and fascism. Does this mean secularism is a priori a harmful idea?
It is not me who says that Darwinism is the source of communism and fascism, Marx himself said it, Hitler stated it and Mao told his followers. One can easily see this when one looks at the works and lives of communist and fascist leaders. This is a well-known and open fact. In a letter to Engels, for instance, Marx describes Darwin’s Origin of Species as “the book which contains the basis in natural history for our view.” Georgy Valentinovich Plekhanov, the precursor of Russian communism, summed it up in the words “Marxism was Darwinism in its application to social sciences.” The same thing applies to fascism. Hitler was inspired to name his book Mein Kampf [My Struggle] by Darwin’s erroneous claim that life is a struggle. Just like Darwin, Hitler ascribed non-European races the status of apes, saying, "Take away the Nordic Germans and nothing remains but the dance of apes." If by secularism you mean laicism, I believe that laicism is essential. I consider that it is a great comfort and essential for believers and for non-believers. When laicism is literally implemented, believers can freely live by their religion and non-believers can freely state their opinions. There will be a climate of total openness, and that is the kind of system one wants.
Many theorists link religion to terrorism. You state the opposite – that all terrorists are Darwinists, or at least atheists. Where is the truth of the matter?
Darwinism, which does not regard human beings as human, which regards them as a kind of animal, which praises ruthlessness and maintains that the strong must ruthlessly crush the weak, lies at the root of terror. It is impossible for a religious person to resort to violence. If someone does resort to violence, if they target innocent people, women, children, and civilians, and if they cause disorder and anarchy then no matter what society these people may live in, no matter what their faith, they are people who have received a Darwinist education and adopted the lies of Darwinism. It is impossible otherwise.
Next year the world will celebrate the 150th anniversary of the “Origin of Species.” How will you celebrate this anniversary?
By Allah’s leave, next year will see the celebration of Darwinism being totally consigned to the dusty shelves of history. A huge cultural change began taking place in Europe after the arrival there of the Atlas of Creation. Opinion polls make that change crystal clear. The great majority of Europeans who used to believe in evolution, who once espoused Darwinism, say they no longer believe in it. When the Atlas of Creation first began arriving in Europe, I said, “Ask Europeans next year, and they will all say they have begun to see the truth.” And that is just what has happened. Let me give you some examples. A poll conducted over the internet by the French scientific web site Science Actualités put the level of people believing in evolution at 5%, while the level of believers in Creation was seen to be 92%. Die Welt, one of Germany’s best known newspapers, carried out a poll on the subject of Creation on its web site. Asked “how do you think life began?” 86% of respondents answered “Allah created it.” In another poll on the web site of Ekstra Bladet, one of Denmark’s high-circulation dailies, 88% of the Danish public answered “No” to the question “Do you think that human beings are descended from apes?”

You have published more than 250 books to date. How do you manage to be so productive?
These books would not be possible without teamwork. Impossible; I could not do them. People imagine I do all the research for them myself; that I find all the skulls, for instance, that I examine the fossils one by one and take photographs of them. But actually I do not get involved in all that. I have a team who collect all the data, take the pictures and translate the requisite texts. I just say what I want, what documents I need. I just say I need such and such pictures or documents, that is all. They all reach me already prepared, and usually edited and laid out in advance. I make the connections between them, and do the analysis. All the interpretation is down to me. I make the links. That is how all my books are prepared so quickly.
How do you finance your work, and especially the obviously very expensive Atlas of Creation?
I draw no royalties from my works. I make no money from them in any way. I am in business and make my living through my business activities. But my works sell in great numbers. Last year, for instance, 8 million of my books were sold. The income the publishers make from these sales is used to finance other books and the distribution thereof. They do very good and productive work.
What is the link between Allah and the Big Bang?
The Big Bang is documentation of the collapse of materialism. It demolished the idea that “matter has existed and will exist for ever,” which forms the basis of materialism. It has shown that the universe has not existed for ever, that it is the work of Allah’s creation. What the Big Bang has revealed is that the universe began with the explosion of matter of zero volume and infinite density, and that time and space all formed through that same explosion. Since zero volume means “nothing,” the universe came into existence from nothing. There was no matter or time or space before that. They came into being with an explosion. What does that mean? It means Allah’s creation out of nothing.

What will be the outcome of the experiments at CERN? Will the scientists working there find “the particle of Allah”?
I think that all the activities concerning the sub-atomic world at CERN, and Fermilab, of course, are important in that they reveal Allah’s sublime creation. The sub-atomic world is a magnificent one. It is an astonishing world in which almost all the laws of physics with which we are familiar from our daily lives are overturned. This work is important in many ways, particularly in terms of revealing the truth about matter. We can never have direct experience of the original of matter. This is a fact even taught in high schools. We know the state in which electrical signals reach our brains. In essence, we all live inside our brains, at a monitor inside our brains. Nobody has ever been able to leave that monitor. Everyone in the world watches events through that monitor. In other words, there is matter on the outside, but what we can directly experience is only its illusion. People are amazed when they discover that truth, which has a very significant impact on them and is instrumental in many people turning to sincere faith.

If we assume Allah created the universe, who created Allah?
Time would be needed in order for there to be a concept of before or after Allah. But Allah is timeless. There can be no concept of “before Allah.”

Recently you promised a fortune to anybody who presents you with real fossil proof of evolution. Have there been any claimants? If anybody finally wins, how will you finance the prize?
It is as if I said I would give 10 trillion Turkish lira to anyone bringing me the Sun. The subject of fossils is the same. I mean, it is no more possible for someone to bring me an intermediate form fossil than it is for them to bring me the Sun. It has been months since I issued that challenge, and not a single claimant has so far come forward. And none will be forthcoming in the future because there are no such fossils. There are 100 million fossils, but not one transitional form fossil that could be the supposed evidence of evolution. So what can anyone bring up? How can they produce something that does not exist? These intermediate forms exist solely in evolutionists’ imaginations. The fact is that neither evolution nor intermediate forms exist.

On your website you share your views about the financial crisis. According to you it is a clear sign of the coming of the Mahdi. When exactly will he appear?
It is not me who says that. The Prophet Muhammad (saas) said it. Our Prophet (saas) has cited hundreds of signs of the coming of the blessed Mahdi and has described them in detail. And all these signs have come about in the last 20-30 years. He says that the Sun and Moon will be eclipsed in the month of Ramadan, and that happened. He says the waters of the Euphrates will be severed, and that happened. He says that Afghanistan will be invaded, and that happened. He says there will be disorder in Iraq, and that has happened, too. He says the Kaaba will be attacked and blood spilled there, and that has happened, as well. Countless other such signs have also taken place. The important thing here is that they have all happened one after the other within a specific time frame. People may say, “Was Afghanistan not invaded in the past?” But all these signs have never taken place together, one after the other, at any other time in history. This all goes to show that we are living in the days of the coming of the Mahdi. Allah willing, the Prophet Jesus (as) will soon be returning to Earth. And the world will be a totally different place, a place in which all wars have come to an end, a place in which love and brotherhood rule, a place of plenty and abundance, by Allah’s will.

Your pen-name is a combination of the names of two well known figures in Judaism and Christianity – Harun, the assistant of the Prophet Moses, and John the Baptist, the assistant of Jesus. Do you intend to be the assistant of the Mahdi if he comes to Earth now?
Every Muslim wishes to be a helper of the blessed Mahdi when he comes, and sincerely strives and does all in his power to that end. This is something that all Muslims sincerely desire and will strive for with great joy and enthusiasm.
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