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60 Tons of Cosmic Dust Falls on Earth Every Day


Our world is as dusty as it is beautiful…


Every day, dust from our Solar System, our Milky Way Galaxy and comets falls on to Earth. These dust particles are similar in their quantity to that of smoke, but are quite a bit smaller…


Until now, scientists did not know how much of this cosmic dust was gathering on Earth. But, by using the Doppler Lidar, an instrument that can measure changes in the composition of the atmosphere, it was possible to closely study the levels of sodium and iron in the atmosphere. And, because the amount of sodium in the atmosphere is proportional to the amount of cosmic dust in the atmosphere, researchers calculated that the actual amount of dust falling to  Earth is 60 tons per day.       

Now, if we think about that,  it may be time for some spring cleaning but there is a high probability that some part of that dust is cosmic! But this dust plays an important role.

The wisdom of why this dust has been created by God is demonstrated in recent astronomical discoveries...

The cosmic dust that falls upon the Earth not only helps building up of clouds in the atmosphere, it also aids in the reproduction of plankton in Antarctica. Therefore, it is being highly beneficial to the environment overall.


2017-02-01 21:52:52

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