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Philosophies that Made the Mistake of Denying Allah

In previous chapters we saw the clear signs of the existence of Allah. Unquestionably, what we have described here is only a very small portion of His infinite evidence. Wherever one turns, one comes across signs that point to the existence of the Creator.

Well, then, why are there still so many atheists in the world? Furthermore, why is it that some scientists are still atheists? Why do they insist on denying the existence of Allah, despite so many obvious signs?

When we look for answers to these questions, we come across a number of philosophical prejudices which shape the beliefs of atheistic people–including those of atheist scientists. Generally defined as materialism, this philosophical view holds that the universe is eternal and operates without any need for a Creator. According to atheists, matter is the only power that exists. Matter is not created and it functions in an uncontrolled fashion without the intervention of a Creator. There are many philosophers in history who have held this view. Many, from the adherents of the pagan religions of ancient Sumer to the atomistic philosophers of ancient Greece and the dialectical materialists of modern times, have denied the existence of Allah on the strength of this view.

Their denials, however, rest on no solid ground. They have simply convinced themselves about the eternity of matter and have strongly embraced this belief. They have accepted the theory of evolution with the same reasoning and persevered in their belief. and as the famous American microbiologist Michael Behe once noted, when confronted by the realisation that life is too complex to have ever originated by chance, they can only keep silent and change the subject.

This situation shows that there exist prejudices that cause these people to commit themselves to materialism, and its natural outcome, atheism. Their denial of the existence of Allah comes not of evaluating concrete facts from an objective point of view, but rather in spite of those concrete facts.

Moreover, they try to impose their denial on the public at large.

Authors of "Evil Plots"

The organised propaganda against faith in Allah indicates that these movements are manipulated from specific centres. in other words, there are a number of power centres that make a considerable effort to break down the religious beliefs of the community. Not surprisingly, Allah has called attention to these groups in the Qur'an. in one verse, a group of people punished by hell-fire in the hereafter call out to their leaders who have led them astray in the world, and say:

Nay! it was a plot (of yours) by day and by night: Behold! You (constantly) ordered us to be ungrateful to Allah and to attribute equals to Him! (Surah Saba, 33)

These groups who, by hatching evil plots, order others to be ungrateful to Allah have made an appearance in every period of history under different names and guises. Their basic characteristics have nonetheless always been the same. Allah has described them in the Qur'an as "the luxurious ones" (Surat al-Mumenoon, 64) or "the leaders of the arrogant party among their people" (Surat al-Araf, 75), which means that these people are those who are supremely privileged in material terms, who enjoy prestige in society and who display arrogance and haughtiness because of their possessions. Regarding religion as a threat to the concessions they have snatched with injustice and oppression, they want to eliminate it. This is why they fabricate "evil plots" in order to lead their community to apostasy.

Of course there cannot be a single definition of such organised powers. They assume different identities and forms in different societies. When, however, we take a look at the history of the last three or four centuries, we come across an international organisation that answers to the description in the Qur'an.

That organisation is freemasonry.

At this point we also need to stress that the global struggle of freemasonry is undertaken and supported by a power centre that is mentioned in the Qur'an: Jewry. Although Judaism is a divine religion and Jews are adherents of that religion, they have played, as we have mentioned above, a crucial role in anti-religious propaganda conducted all over the world. This is mainly due to the arbitrary alteration of the Old Testament by rabbis and the insinuation of superstitious beliefs into the pure religion announced by the Prophet Musa. Having ceased to be a divine religion as a result of alterations by Jewish rabbis, Jewry has become a worldly and chauvinist ideology. Ultimately various ultra-conservative Jews, who regard religion as a concept exclusive to themselves, have taken the position that Christianity and Islam are "false religions" that must be abolished. Besides, this interesting interplay makes those in question act as powers that strive to erase all religious beliefs from the world. This is the very logic of the alliance between Jewry and freemasonry.

The Role of Freemasonry

Having its roots in the Western world, from which it subsequently spread elsewhere, this secret organisation has always been the source of all anti-religionist thought and activity in every country it has infiltrated.

A close investigation of the history of the war against religion fought in any country of the world over the last couple of centuries reveals that freemasonry has always been at the centre of such efforts. the history of Europe is remarkably clear-cut on this point. This is why the leader of the Catholic world, Pope Leo XIII, took particular aim at freemasonry in his famous encyclical Humanum Genus (1884), in which he described the objectives of the organisation thus:

In our time, with the aid and support of an association called freemasonry, which has a wide and strong organisation, the efforts who whorship dark powers have been united. These no more feel the necessity of hiding their ill will and fight against the Holy Being of God. All aims and efforts of freemasons lead to Christianity and establish a new system of rules based on the principles of naturalism and their own thoughts.20

This papal analysis made at the end of the 19th century is absolutely right. When we review contemporary masonic publications, we see that the basic objective of this organisation is to abolish all religious beliefs in society. A Turkish freemasonry lodge declares in one of its pamphlets how religion will be abolished through "the dissemination of positive sciences to society."

Finally I want to say the following: the most humanistic and Masonic mission that falls to us is not to divert from positive science and reason, to disseminate this by acknowledging that this is the best and only way for evolution, and tutor the public in the positive sciences. the following words of Ernest Renan are very noteworthy:"If the public is tutored and enlightened in the positive sciences and reason, then the vain beliefs of religions will eventually be dismissed."21

Here, what is meant by "positive science" is essentially "positivist science" that is, the materialist philosophy that denies everything that has not been obtained by experiment and observation. the mission of freemasonry, on the other hand, is to impose this philosophy on people in the name of "science" and thus abolish all religious beliefs. the theory of evolution has a very crucial role in this indoctrination campaign, as is also made clear in the quotation above. Freemasonry holds that fostering belief in evolution in society is its greatest task.

This organisational connection is a very important factor underlying the reason why both the theory of evolution and materialist philosophy and its derivatives are so assiduously promoted in all corners of the world. the organisation of freemasonry and its offshoots have played an important role in the systematic propaganda being executed against religious beliefs over the last couple of centuries. This is why the founders of diverse -sometimes even contradictory- philosophical systems that deny the existence of Allah have all been masons.

Mason Philosophers

As we stated above, the founders of anti-religionist philosophical systems are actually part of a methodical war being fought against religion. This is why we discover that most of the philosophers who have founded these systems are part of the organisation of freemasonry, which stands at the centre of the war against religion.

In this context, the philosophers who draw immediate attention are the French intellectuals who were the forerunners of the French Revolution. These people not only criticised religious authorities but also fomented violent antagonism against religion. Among them are Diderot, the author of the System of Nature, referred to as the "Bible of Materialism"; Voltaire, who was also an impassioned materialist and opponent of religion; the radical materialist Montesquieu; Jean-Jacques Rousseau, who constructed a new "religion" of his own; and the "Encyclopaedists", all of whom were ardent anti-religionists. the organ of Turkish masons, the magazine Mimar Sinan, says of these individuals:

The 1789 French Revolution was prepared by Mason ideologists. the Declaration of Human Rights that embraces the principles of liberty, equality. and fraternity was written with the inspiration and guidance of our masters such as Montesquieu, Voltaire, Rousseau, and Diderot.22

The Mason Magazine, also published by Turkish masons notes:

The pioneers who overthrew the feudal system in France and started the Great Revolution were Montesquieu, Voltaire, J. J. Rousseau, the leading materialist Diderot, and the Encyclopaedists who clustered around him. They were all masons.23

The materialistic and anti-religionist ideas that increasingly developed in the years that followed the French Revolution reached their peak in the 19th century. When we look at the leaders of this movement, we again come across freemasonry.

In addition, it is also worth noting that there were many Jews among these figures. This demonstrates that Jews who, in alliance with masons, strive to enfeeble Divine religions such as Christianity and Islam and hold the materialist world view, serve the same purpose on philosophical grounds.

Behind the Scenes of Socialism

An eccentric group was founded in Bavaria in southern Germany in 1776. the founder of this group, which called itself the "Illuminati" (that is, "the Enlightened Ones") was a professor of law by the name of Adam Weishaupt. This society is interesting in two respects: it was a very secret society and it had set a very ambitious political program for itself. in the program written by Weishaupt, the two fundamental purposes of the society were identified:

1. the abolition of all monarchies and systematic governments.

2. the abolition of all theistic (divine) religions.

The attitude of the society towards religion was extremely antagonistic. According to the English historian Michael Howard, Weishaupt had a "pathological hatred" for divine religion of any sort.24

The society was in fact a sort of Masonic lodge. Weishaupt was a senior freemason and he had organised it along the lines of the traditional organisational style of masonic lodges. the Illuminati grew astonishingly fast. in 1780, with the participation of Baron Von Knigge, one of the greatest masters of the German masonic lodges, the power of the society greatly increased. Weishaupt and Knigge were laying the groundwork for a revolution in Germany that was socialist in everything but name. When the government discovered what they were up to, however, Weishaupt and Knigge found it prudent to disband the society. Its activities were assimilated into their regular freemason lodges. This union took place in 1782.

In the early 1800s, a new society was established in Germany that sought to carry on the Illuminati tradition in Germany. the name of the society was "Society of the Honest Ones". in time, its name was changed to "Society of Communists". the head of this society wanted to create a political program for the group and the first two people they called upon to write the program were two strict communist intellectuals: Karl Marx and Frederick Engels! These two wrote the Communist Manifesto at the instruction of the Society of Communists. One widely-known tenet of the Manifesto was that religion was the "opium of the people" and the tract argued that the elimination of religious beliefs was one of the prerequisites for the ideal of the "classless society", which was posited as humanity's only hope of salvation. It should be noted that both Marx and Engels were of Jewish origin.

The early dominance of masons and Jews in the socialist movement continued in the years that followed. A few of the masons and Jews who championed the socialist movement were:

Ferdinand Lasalle: Lasalle, a close friend of Marx, defended the notion of a revolutionist communist dictatorship.

Victor Adler: As the right-hand man of Engels, Adler spent considerable effort preaching communism. His son Friedrich Adler became the leader of the Austrian Communist Party.

Moses Hess: Born into a conservative Jewish family, Hess was a socialist and a close friend of Marx. He was also a vigorous Zionist. He pioneered the Zionist movement in Europe in his book Rome and Jerusalem and laboured to establish a Jewish state in Palestine. He was also an ardent defender of Darwinism all his life.

Gyorgy Lukacs: A member of a wealthy Jewish family, Lukacs wrote many books advocating communism. He helped spread communist ideology among young people. He was a leading figure in the revolution that brought communism to power in Hungary.

Vladimir I. Lenin: A Jew, just like most of the leaders of the Bolshevik movement in Russia, Lenin became the founder of one of the bloodiest totalitarian regimes in the world.

Herbert Marcuse: the son of a Jewish family, Herbert Marcuse re-interpreted Marxism and prepared the grounds for the 1968 student upheaval. He incited leftist college movements that spread all around the world and developed an anarchist ideology that has caused–and still causes––the deaths of numerous young people.

A Philosophy and Its Hidden Agenda

When we look at the history of philosophy, we see that there are many other atheist and anti-religionist philosophers who are distinguished by virtue of their masonic identity. Among them are thinkers like David Hume, Holbach, Schelling, John Stuart Mill, Auguste Comte, the Marquis de Sade and sociologists like Emile Durkheim, Ferdinand Tönnies, Herbert Spencer, Sigmund Freud, Henry Bergson and Erich Fromm. All of them are of Jewish origin and all of them strove to turn people away from religion and to establish a social and moral order that was completely irreligious. It should go without saying that Charles Darwin and his views enjoyed a very special position among these figures.

The most important point to note here is that the unbelieving and materialistic philosophies produced by all these thinkers, and by thousands of their like, serve certain political and social interests. As we said at the beginning, the most important reason why people deny Allah is their discomfort with religion, religion being the natural outcome of the belief in Allah. Denying the truth of religion because it conflicts with their interests or with those of the circles they represent, these people have recourse to atheism in order to gain support for themselves.

For this reason, the apparent signs of the existence of Allah are not seen by these people. Or rather, it is not their will that those signs be seen. These people strive greatly to prevent belief in the existence of Allah and they spread this disbelief through society in general. Eventually, masses appear who either do not believe in Allah or else have "forgotten" Him as mentioned in the Qur'an. (Surat at-Tawba, 67)

This is why most people spend their lives without praising Allah at all, thinking that they live independently of Him. However one must not be deceived by this "vain crowd", for Allah has already informed us in the Qur'an that most of mankind does not believe (Surat al-Rad, 1). the following verse also admonishes us about the same subject:

Were you to follow the common run of those on earth, they will lead you away from the way of Allah. They follow nothing but conjecture: they do nothing but lie.
(Surat al-Anaam, 116)

(For detailed information, see: New Masonic Order by Harun Yahya)


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