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Appendix I:
Gog and Magog Described in the Qur'an, Very Likely Refer to the First and Second World Wars

sarı çiçeklerWho Gog and Magog may be, when they will appear and how they will be eliminated have been subjects of concern for hundreds of years, and a great many books and articles have been written about them. However, we can obtain the most accurate information about Gog and Magog, who also appear in the Gospels, the Christians' Holy Scripture, and in the Torah of the Jews, from the verses of the Qur'an, the hadiths of our Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace). When all this information is taken into consideration, Gog and Magog very likely refer to World Wars I and II.

In the Qur'an, Gog and Magog are a people noteworthy as a bloodthirsty movement opposed to Allah. Important characteristics related to Gog and Magog are informed in the Qur'an. In the verses in which He describes the peoples of Gog and Magog, Almighty Allah says:

Until he arrived between the two mountains where he found a people scarcely able to understand speech. (Surat al-Kahf, 93)

They said, 'Dhu'l-Qarnayn! Gog and Magog are causing corruption in the land. Can we, therefore, pay tribute to you in return for your constructing a barrier between us and them?' (Surat al-Kahf, 94)

The first is that this people is 'scarcely able to understand speech.' In other words, they are a heedless people.

The second feature is that they cause corruption in the land. The word 'land' here is used in the sense of the world, meaning the corruption will be global. In order for corruption to emerge anywhere, it needs to have a philosophical origin, a defect of belief. In order for such a system of corruption to be able to take place across the world and affect the whole planet, it is essential for a great heretical philosophical foundation that will hold everyone under its sway to come about. Therefore, the emergence of Gog and Magog and system of destruction they bring with them therefore refers to a terrible disaster based on a totally perverted philosophy and that will inflict oppression on the entire world. (Allah knows the truth.)

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Gog and Magog are a people described in the Qur'an as being opposed to Allah (surely Allah is beyond that) and a bloodthirsty force. Such corrupt movements have existed at all times; however, the real corruption across the world took place in the End Times with World Wars I and II.

In all probability, this global tragedy is a reference to the First and Second World Wars. Because these wars were initiated under the influence of Darwinist, materialist, communist and fascist ideologies, under the influence of which they wreaked destruction on the whole world. Communists and fascists comprise Gog and Magog of the End Times. The world's bloodiest leaders adopted the teachings of the theory of evolution as their guide and inflicted disaster and destruction on vast masses of people through communist and fascist movements. These wars, based on a perverted philosophy and in which so many Muslims were martyred, took place across the world, as indicated in the verses, and resulted in the deaths of 150-200 million people.

Other verses in which Gog and Magog are described read:

He said, 'The power my Lord has granted me is better than that. Just give me a strong helping hand and I will build a solid barrier between you and them. (Surat al-Kahf, 95)

Bring me ingots of iron!' Then, when he had made it level between the two high mountain-sides, he said, 'Blow!' and when he had made it a red hot fire, he said, 'Bring me molten brass to pour over it.' (Surat al-Kahf, 96)

They were, therefore, unable to climb over it nor were they able to make a breach in it. (Surat al-Kahf, 97)

When Gog and Magog are let loose and rush down from every slope. (Surat Al-Anbiya', 96)

The verses refer to intensive use of iron and brass. Large quantities of iron and brass were used in World Wars I and II. Tanks, vehicles, motorcycles and planes were made using huge amounts of iron and brass. This is in complete agreement with the verses.

The verses also refer to two high mountain sides. This may be a reference to the defensive lines that sprang up in the two World Wars. Great defensive lines, such as the French and German lines, were built in World War I in particular. Huge, solid fortifications, equipped with tanks and that could only be entered through tunnels, were constructed to defend their borders. The aim was to prevent any attack from the outside and to neutralize the enemy.

As revealed in the verse, one of the distinguishing features of Gog and Magog is that they rush down from the slopes. Indeed, countless armies descended from the hills in the World Wars, and the armies of many countries penetrated right inside the cities and attacked millions of innocent people.

In the light of such portents as the whole world being influenced on the basis of a heretical philosophy, a climate of corruption and strife being built on the basis of the bloody ideologies of communism and fascism, the use of iron and brass and the building of defensive fortifications, it is very probably that Gog and Magog described in the Qur'an refer to the First and Second World Wars. During these wars, the consequence of Darwinist and communist philosophy, the worst mass killings in history were committed, together with the worst destruction the world had ever seen. The terrible destruction wreaked by Gog and Magog in the End Times is in complete agreement with this interpretation. (Allah knows the truth.)

Indications from the Hadith that Gog and Magog are Likely to Be World Wars I and II

Our Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) has revealed that the human society known as "Gog and Magog" is one of the portents of the Judgment Day. The appearance of Gog and Magog in the End Times, shortly before the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), became a reality with the First and Second World Wars. (Allah knows the truth.) It appears from the hadith of our Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) that "Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will rule over the world just like Dhu'l-Qarnayn (pbuh) and the Prophet Solomon (pbuh)." That there are indications of the End Times in the story of Dhu'l-Qarnayn (pbuh), in which the community of Gog and Magog is mentioned. (Portents of the Judgment Day, p. 183/ Al-Qawl al-Mukhtasar fi Alamat al-Mahdi al- Muntadhar p. 32/ Al-Burhan fi Alamat al-Mahdi Akhir al-Zaman, p. 10.)

In the Qur'an, Gog and Magog are a people noteworthy as a bloodthirsty movement opposed to Allah. There have always been corrupt movements opposed to Allah; but the real global corruption took place in the End Times in World Wars I and II.

The want experienced in this time of corruption can be seen in the following hadith of our Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace):

"... The peoples of Gog and Magog will flood down from high places, such as mountains and hills, and will infect people and eat everything and drink lakes dry, as a result of which there will be a great famine." (Ibn Majah, Fitan: 33, no: 4075-4077, 2/1358; Tirmidhi, Fitan: 59, no: 2240, 4/510)

"Gog and Magog... will attack people and drink all their water, and people will begin to flee from them..." (Abû Ya'lâ, no: 6436; Khâkim, al-Mustadrak: 4/488; Abdurrazzâk, al-Musannaf, 2/28,29; Ahmad ibn Hanbal, al-Musnad, no: 10632, 16/369; Tirmidhî, no: 3153; Ibn Mâjah, no: 4080; Ibn Hibbân, no: 6829)

"Gog and Magog will come down. As Almighty Allah says, 'They will flow down from high places,' and infect people, and Muslims will flee from them and retire to the cities and their castles and will take their animals with them. Gog and Magog will drink the waters of the earth and when they come to a river they will drink it dry, and those who come after them will say, 'There used to be water here.' When nobody remains who has not entered special shelters, their spokesman will say, 'We have been saved from the people of the earth, now it is the turn of the people of the sky...' (Ahmad ibni Hanbal, al-Musnad, no: 11731, 18/256; Ibn Mâjah, 4079; Abû Ya'lâ, 1144, 1351; Tabarî, 15/399; Ibn Hibbân, no: 6830; Khâkim, al-Mustadrak: 2/245, 4/489)

The hadiths may be indicating the climate of trouble, famine and difficulty between the World Wars. (Allah knows the truth.) The wars involved cities, and people fled the bombing from the ground and sky by moving into shelters. These hadiths emphasize the misery and poverty of those days.

darwinizm, komünizm
The history's greatest mass murders occured as a consequence of the World Wars I and II, which were grounded upon Darwinist, communist philosophy.

In another hadith, our Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) reveals that Gog and Magog are a human society made up of various peoples:

"Gog and Magog consist of 22 communities..." (Fathul Bari (13/107); Tuhfetul Ahfezi (6/351); Keshful Hafa (1/38-39); Barzanji, al-Ishaa (249))

In that regard, Gog and Magog refer to the alliance of communist and fascist countries that joined forces in the World Wars. (Allah knows the truth.)

We also know from other hadiths of our Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) that the people Gog and Magog will "spread corruption" (Portents of the Judgment Day, composed by: Muhammad ibn Rasul Al-Husseini, translator: Naim Erdogan, expanded 8th edition, Pamuk Press, p. 257) and "be a community of deniers," (Portents of the Judgment Day, composed by: Muhammad ibn Rasul Al-Husseini, translator: Naim Erdogan, expanded 8th edition, Pamuk Press, p. 251.) In one hadith our Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) states:

"On the night of the Ascension [the Miraj], Allah sent me to Gog and Magog; I called them to the religion, but they refused... For that reason, they will go to Hell together with those of the line of Adam and satan who rebelled against Allah." (Portents of the Judgment Day, composed by: Muhammad ibn Rasul Al-Husseini, translator: Naim Erdogan, expanded 8th edition, Pamuk Press, p. 251.)

A New Sign That Gog and Magog Refer to World Wars I and II: Burning Sulfur

Another important aspect regarding the corruption of Gog and Magog referring to the World Wars is the mention in the Torah (Hebrew Bible) of burning sulfur. The Torah describes how burning sulfur will pour down from the sky during the corruption of Gog and Magog:

I will summon a sword against Gog on all My mountains, declares the Sovereign Lord. Every man's sword will be against his brother. I will execute judgment upon him with plague and bloodshed; I will pour down torrents of rain, hailstones and burning sulfur on him and on his troops and on the many nations with him. And so I will show My greatness and My holiness, and I will make Myself known in the sight of many nations. Then they will know that I am the Lord. (Ezekiel, 38:21-23)

Like the other portents in the Torah, burning sulfur was first used during the corruption of Gog and Magog, in other words, during World Wars I and II. The substance known as mustard gas and containing sulfur dichloride, and that known as gunpowder or black powder and containing sulfur alone, are corrosive weapons used by German troops against the British and French in World War I in particular.13

All the descriptions of Gog and Magog in the Qur'an, the hadiths and the Torah are phenomena that took place and were concluded in World Wars I and II. The idea that Gog and Magog will appear in the time of the Prophet Jesus and Hazrat Mahdi (peace be upon them both) and wreak terrible slaughter then is simply untrue. The time of the coming of the Prophet Jesus and Hazrat Mahdi (peace be upon them) will be one of peace, love, security and well-being. In this time, known as the Golden Age, sleeping people will not be awakened, no blood will be spilled, and not a single person's nose will be made to bleed.

Gog and Magog are a people who appear from time to time in order to spread corruption. There is a strong likelihood that they will appear again in the future, as they did in the past. But, as described above, this corruption will not take place in the time of the Prophet Jesus and Hazrat Mahdi (peace be upon them). The world will see a physical and spiritual degeneration following the deaths of the Prophet Jesus and Hazrat Mahdi (peace be upon them), after 1506 (Islamic calendar), at a time close to the Judgment Day. After that date, wars will begin breaking out one after the other, and there will be terror and anarchy and slaughter. Perversion will reach its vilest point, and a bloody and repressive system will rule the world. Irreligion will spread, and there will not a single Holy Book in the whole world. Nobody will call on the Almighty name of Allah. This period will be that of the final appearance of the corruption of Gog and Magog. Following this terrible corruption, our Lord will inflict a terrifying the Judgment Day in return for all this perversion.

Some masons, wearing an Evangelical or Islamic guise and seek to equate the corruption of Gog and Magog with the time of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), try to portray the Golden Age awaited under these descriptions in a totally different manner. Their aim is to depict the Golden Age, under the leadership of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), as one of slaughter, and to spread an utterly false and terrifying impression of Muslims. Their objective as a result of this indoctrination is to establish an artificial prejudice toward Muslims in the minds of Christians and thus to divide true believers and prevent them uniting together. As we have already warned countless times before in other articles, we must all be on our guard against this cunning stratagem. Because masons wearing an evangelical or Islamic guise want to spread irreligion by dividing believers and to prepare the ground for atheism. Their aim is to prevent true believers from uniting together and to permit the heretical religion of satan to rule the world. They are therefore trying to muster support by distorting the signs in the Torah and pointing to them as evidence. It is of the very greatest importance that no true Christian of good conscience should fall under the spell of this repellent indoctrination.

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