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Allah Created All of Us

You often hear people referring to "Allah." They usually form sentences such as, "May Allah bless you," "If Allah wills," "Insha'Allah," "May Allah forgive you" and so on.

These are the statements that are used when one remembers Allah, prays to Him or exalts Him.

For example, "May Allah protect you" expresses the fact that Allah has infinite power over you and every being—animate or inanimate—around you. It is Allah Who can save you, your mother, father and your friends from evil. For this reason, this phrase is often used when mentioning a natural disaster or similar unwelcome event. Think for a moment: Could your mother, father or anyone else you know prevent a natural disaster, for example, a flood? They certainly could not, because only Allah makes such events happen to man and, similarly, only He can prevent them.


The word "insha'Allah" means "if Allah wills." Therefore, when we say that we are going to do something or not going to do something, it is essential we say, "Insha'Allah." This is because only Allah knows the future and thus creates it as He wills. Nothing happens except what He wills.

When one of our friends, for instance, says, "I will certainly go to school tomorrow," he or she is making a mistake, because we cannot know what Allah wills him or her to do in the future. Maybe he or she will be sick and unable to go to school, or atrocious weather conditions may suspend classes.

For this reason we say "insha'Allah" when expressing our intentions for the future, and thereby acknowledge that Allah knows everything, that everything happens only by His Will and that we can never know anything beyond what Allah teaches us. This way, we show due respect to our Lord, Who possesses infinite might and knowledge.

In the verses of the Qur'an, Allah informs us that He wants us to say "insha'Allah" (If Allah wills):

Never say about anything, "I am doing that tomorrow," without adding "If Allah wills." Remember your Lord when you forget, and say, "Hopefully my Lord will guide me to something closer to right guidance than this." (Surat al-Kahf: 23-24)

You may not know a lot about these issues, but that is not really important. In order for you to come to know Allah, all you need to do is to look around and think.

Everywhere is full of beauty showing us the attributes of Allah and His infinite might. Think about a lovely white rabbit, the smiling faces of dolphins, the glorious colours of butterfly wings or the blue seas, green forests, various kinds of flowers and the other innumerable beauties in the world. It is Allah Who creates all of these. Allah has created the entire universe you see—the world and the creatures in it—from nothing. Therefore, looking at the beauty that He creates, you can see His infinite might.

It is a fact that our own existence is evidence of Allah's existence. So let us first think about our existence and how Allah has created us so perfectly.

The Existence of Man

Have you ever wondered how man came into existence? You will probably say, "Everyone has a mother and father." But that answer is inadequate. After all, it does not explain how the first mother and father, that is, the first man, came into being. You will most probably have heard some stories on this subject at school or from people around you. Yet the only accurate answer is that it is Allah Who created you. We will dwell on this issue in detail in the coming chapters. For now, there is one thing we must all know; The first human being who appeared on earth was the Prophet Adam, peace be upon him. All human beings are descended from him.

Adam, peace be upon him, was, just like us, a man who walked, talked, prayed and worshipped Allah. Allah first created him and then his wife. Then their children spread all over the world.

Çizgi filmler

If the boy in this cartoon says, "My picture here has been drawn by ink being spilt on a white sheet of paper by pure chance," this will just sound strange, since we know that it is an artist who drew this picture. Similarly, a man sounds strange if he fails to accept that Allah created him.

Never forget that Allah only needs to give a command in order to create. When He wishes something to be, He gives the command "Be!" and it comes into being. He has enough power to do anything. For example, He created Adam from clay. This is easy for Allah.

However, never forget that there are also people who deny Allah's existence. These people give other answers to the question of how people came into existence. They do not search for the truth.

If a cartoon character said, "I came into existence when ink was spilt on the paper by chance. The paints were also spilt by chance and formed the colours. That is to say, I do not need anyone to draw my picture or shape me. I can come into being myself, by chance," you would surely not take it seriously. You know that the perfect lines, colours and actions in cartoons cannot be formed by randomly spilling paint here and there, since knocking over an ink bottle only makes a mess; It never forms a fine picture made up of regular lines. For something meaningful and with a purpose to come into being, someone has to think about it, design it and draw it.

Çizgi filmler

Everyone knows that a cartoonist drew all the attributes of cartoon characters, their shapes, colours, and their faculties such as walking, running and jumping.

To understand all this, you do not need to see the artist and the painter. You automatically understand that the cartoonist has given this character its attributes, shapes and colours, and the faculty of speaking, walking or jumping.

After this example, think seriously about the following: Someone who does not accept that Allah created him is also lying, just like that cartoon character.

Now let's assume that such a person talks to us. Let's see how this man tries to explain how he and everyone else came into existence:

"I, my mother, father, their parents and the very first parents who lived from time immemorial all came into existence by chance. Coincidences created our bodies, eyes, ears and all organs."

Even artificial high-tech robot organs remain very rough and primitive compared to the organs of human beings. Allah created man perfectly and every detail in the human body manifests this perfection.

These words of this man, who denies that Allah created him, are very much like the words of the cartoon character. The only difference is that the character is made up of lines and paint on a sheet of paper. The person who utters these words, on the other hand, is a man made up of cells. But does this make any difference? Isn't the man who utters these words a highly complex organism more perfect than the cartoon character? Doesn't he have more organs? In other words, if it is impossible for a cartoon character to come into being by chance, then it is even more unlikely for this man to have come into being by chance. Now, let's ask this man the following question:

"You have a very wonderful body that functions flawlessly. Your hands can hold objects with great delicacy—much better than the most developed machines. You can run on your feet. You have perfect eyesight, sharper than the highest quality cameras. You never hear a hissing sound in your ears; No hi-fi can produce such a clear sound. Many organs of which you are unaware work together to keep you alive. For instance, although you have no control whatsoever over the functioning of your heart, kidneys or liver, they continually operate flawlessly. Today, hundreds of scientists and engineers are working strenuously to design machines similar to these organs. However, their efforts have achieved nothing. That is to say, you are a flawless creature, the like of which cannot be manufactured by man. How do you account for all this?"


Our eyes see more clearly than the most sensitive camera, our ears can hear more clearly than the best microphone and stereo system. There is no doubt that the superior attributes of our body have not come into existence spontaneously. Just as with all the other perfect systems in our body, it is our Lord Who created them

The man who denies that Allah creates these things will probably say:

"I also know that we have a flawless body and perfect organs. But I believe in the following: inanimate and unconscious atoms came together by coincidence to form our organs and bodies."

You will doubtless have noticed that these words sound unreasonable and odd. Whatever age he may be or occupation he may have, a person who puts forward such claims obviously fails to think clearly and has mistaken ideas. Surprisingly, one frequently comes across people who believe in such irrational notions.

Since even the simplest machine has a designer, a complex system like man could not have come into existence by chance. There is no doubt that Allah created the first human being. Allah also created the systems within the body of the first man to enable reproduction and the appearance of succeeding generations. Allah ensured the human race would continue by means of a programme inserted in its cells. We also came into existence thanks to this programme created by Allah, and continue to grow up in line with it. What you read about this subject in the following pages will enable you to attain a better understanding of the fact that Allah, Our Creator, possesses infinite power and wisdom.

The flawless programme in the human body

In the previous page, we mentioned a perfect programme Allah inserted into the human body. Thanks to this programme, every human being has eyes, ears, arms and teeth. Again thanks to this programme, despite some differences in their appearances, all human beings look reasonably similar. We resemble our relatives, and some peoples have their own distinctive characteristics because of this programme. For instance, the Chinese and Japanese generally resemble one another, and Africans have their unique skin colours, facial features, and mouth and eye structures.

Çizgi filmler

Despite some superficial distinctions between races, everyone shares such basic, unchanging features as the mouth, nose, eyes and ears. Due to the different programmes that Allah put in the human body, everyone enjoys the same fundamental characteristics, although they may look superficially different.

Now let's explain what this programme is like with the following example:

You must have an idea of the way computers operate. An expert designs the computer. Experts in special factories with the help of advanced technologies also produce complementary components such as the microprocessor, monitor, keyboard, CD, loudspeakers and so on. Now, you have a machine capable of processing highly complex operations. You can either play games or write whatever you want. But for all this to happen, you need software called "programmes." Without these programmes, which are specially prepared by experts, your computer would fail to operate.

Çizgi filmler

In order for a computer to operate, software called a "programme" is needed. A person lives thanks to the information similar to software that Allah has placed in our genes.

Furthermore, we know that not every programme is compatible with every type of computer, which means that the programmer must know both the computer and the software compatible with it. As we have seen, one needs both a machine and a proper programme to operate a computer. But more importantly, if nobody designed and produced all these things, your computer would again fail to work.

Çizgi filmler

The human body has a highly complex system far superior to and much more complex than a computer. While nobody claims that this computer came into existence by chance, some people claim that our bodies have acquired these features by chance.

The human body is similar to a computer. As we said earlier, there is a programme in our cells that brings about our existence. Now the question is, how did it happen that this programme came into existence? The answer is obvious: Allah, the Almighty, specially creates every human being. It is Allah Who has created our bodies as well as the programme that shapes them.


But don't get me wrong. From another point of view, it is quite impossible to compare the human body to a computer. Our bodies are infinitely superior to the most complex computer. Our brain alone, for instance, is many times more complex than a computer.

Now let's see how a baby is born into this world:

Initially, there exists a tiny piece of flesh in your mother's womb. In the course of time, this tiny piece of flesh expands and takes shape.

Your height, the colour of your eyes, your eyebrows, the shape of your hands and hundreds of other features are all predetermined from the very first moment of your existence. All this information is stored in that initial programme Allah placed in your cells. This programme is so flawless and detailed that scientists have only recently come close to understanding how it operates.


The colour of our eyes or our heights as adults are all known even in our mothers' wombs.

In accordance with the programme Allah placed in our bodies, we grow gradually. That is why the growth of our body does not seem odd to us. It takes us years to grow. We would no doubt be astonished if this programme worked faster. The sight of a newborn baby suddenly turning into an old man before our very eyes would be quite amazing.

How Did Other Living Things Come Into Existence?

kum saati

In compliance with the programme Allah has placed in our bodies, we grow gradually. The sight of a newborn baby suddenly turning into an old person before our very eyes would certainly astonish us.

Human beings are not by any means the only creatures who exist on earth. There are thousands of other living things, some of which you know and many others you do not. Some of them are all around you; you see them everywhere. Some of them, however, are so far away that you only have the chance to see them in books or movies. But a closer look at these beings would show you that they all have one feature in common. Can you guess what that feature is? We can call it "compatibility." Now, let's enumerate what a living thing is compatible with. They are compatible with:

  • The environment in which they live,
  • Other living things with which they co-exist,
  • The elements that maintain the balance of nature,
  • The factors that provide benefits for human beings.

Before expanding on these, let us take a simple example to clarify the meaning of "compatibility." Think about the sockets and plugs in your home. They are perfectly compatible with one another. But how can you tell that they are perfectly compatible with one another? Because there are openings in the socket into which the prongs of the plug fit. Do you think these are enough? The width of the plug's metal prongs is just the same as the width of the openings in the socket. If this were not the case, the plug would never fit the socket. The distance between the plug's prongs and the distance between the socket's openings are also the same. If they were not the same, the plug would never fit in the socket. However, these features alone would not be enough to establish the compatibility of the plug and the socket. If the plug were very long, this would again be a failure in terms of compatibility. If the prongs of the plug were non-metallic, they would fail to conduct the electricity in the socket. If the plug were not made of plastic, then every time you held it you would receive an electric shock. As you see, a lack of compatibility in even the simplest device renders that device inoperative. This means that the same person designed the plug and the socket. And he designed them to be compatible with one another. He made them functional. It is unlikely that the metal and plastic could have come together by coincidence and that they were planned separately and independently of each other, because in that case you could never find a socket and plug compatible with one another.

Anemon balığı

Allah created every living being in an environment in which it can survive. Fish can breathe in water, birds can fly in the sky and mammals can live on land.

The compatibility of living things is far more complicated than the compatibility in a socket and plug, because living things contain thousands of systems and organs that have to co-exist harmoniously and work together flawlessly. Any attempt to write down these systems one by one would fill a library of hundreds of books. Therefore, in the following pages we will dwell in brief on these flawless features of the living things created by Allah:

Bal arıları

Bees carry the pollen of the flowers they visit to other flowers. This is the process that ensures the reproduction of flowers. Similarly, cleaning fish clean larger fish.

- Living things are compatible with the environment in which they live

Every living thing, whether on land or in the air, is perfectly compatible with its habitat. This is how they are created. Various perfect systems secure the nutrition, protection and reproduction of living things. That is to say, each living thing is specially designed in accordance with its habitat.

The organs and the lifestyles of living things are all compatible with the conditions in their environment. For instance, birds have perfect wings to fly in the sky. Fish have specially created gills with which to breathe under water. If they had lungs like us, they would drown.

Bal arıları

There is a balance in the creation of living things in nature. Owing to this flawless balance, they can survive as species for millions of years.

- Living things are compatible with other living things with which they co-exist

Some birds and insects contribute to the reproduction of plants. That means that, although they are unaware of it, they help the growth of plants. For instance, while visiting one flower after another, bees carry pollen. Thanks to this process, plants are able to reproduce. In some cases, animals perform actions that are beneficial to other animals. Cleaning fish, for instance, clean micro-organisms off the skins of big fish and thus provide the basis for a healthy life for them. This is another form of compatibility.

- Living things are compatible with the elements that secure the balance of nature

No living thing, apart from man, disturbs the balance in nature. Furthermore, they are created with features that maintain that balance. Yet, the balance of the earth is always vulnerable to man's ignorant behaviour. For instance, if man hunts a species beyond reasonable limits, that species becomes extinct. The extinction of that species causes its prey to increase in numbers far too much, which in time endangers the lives of human beings and even nature itself. So, there is an innate balance in the creation of living things; They are totally compatible with the balance of nature, but man alone has the potential to destroy that delicate balance.

Bal arıları

We need nutrients such as meat, milk, eggs, chicken, honey, vegetables and fruit every day. Many other fundamental sources of nutrition are blessings Allah created for us, in return for which we need to give thanks to Him.

- Living things are compatible with the factors that provide benefits for human beings

For instance, think about how good honey is for you. How do bees know that you need such a type of nutrition, and how do they produce it? Could a chicken, cow or sheep know the nutritional needs of human beings and produce perfect nutrients to meet those needs? Of course not.

This astonishing harmony between living things is obvious evidence that a single Creator creates them. It is thanks to the flawless creation of Allah that these balances exist on earth.

The Creation of the Universe

We have so far explained Allah's creation of living things. Now, it is time to examine the universe at large. Allah also created the universe in which you, the earth, the sun, the solar system, planets, stars, galaxies and everything else exists.

However, as well as those who oppose the fact of the creation of living things, there are also some people who deny the fact that the universe was created. These people assert that the universe came into existence spontaneously. Moreover, they suggest that it has always existed. Yet, they never offer an explanation for this irrational claim. Their claim is similar to the following example: Imagine that you set sail one day and reached the shores of an island. What would you think if you came across a highly developed city with skyscrapers, surrounded by beautiful parks and greenery? Furthermore, this city was full of theatres, restaurants and railroad lines. You would certainly think that this city had been planned and constructed by intelligent people, would you not? What would you think about someone who says, "Nobody built this city. It has always existed, and at some time in the past we came and inhabited it. Here, we have all our necessities, and they all come into existence spontaneously"?

Bal arıları

Everyone agrees that the modern and highly developed city in the picture could not have come into existence by accident and that it was designed and constructed by expert architects, engineers and builders. No one would claim otherwise.

You would doubtless think him insane, or else you would think that he has no idea what he is talking about. But never forget that the universe in which we live is incomparably larger than that city. The universe contains an almost uncountable number of planets, stars, comets and satellites of various sorts. That being the case, the claims of a person who says that this flawless universe was not created but has always existed must not remain unanswered. Do you not agree?

After reading the section below, you yourself will be able to provide the best answer. Now, let's expand on the subject of the universe and save the answer to the end.


He is the Originator of the heavens and the earth…  (Surat al-An'am: 101)

The universe in which we live is incomparably bigger than the city we saw on the previous page. It also has more glorious structures than this city.

In this case, could we say that a flawless universe was not created and that it came into existence spontaneously? Such a claim would doubtless sound very odd. It is our Lord Who created the flawless order in the design of the universe.

- Everything Started to Form In a Big Explosion

During the times when people did not have telescopes to make observations of the heavens, they had very little, and very unreliable, information about the remote universe, and they had very different ideas about it. With advances in technology, they attained accurate information about outer space. In the mid-twentieth century, they discovered something very important. The universe has a date of birth, which means that the universe has not always existed. The universe—in other words, the stars, planets and galaxies—started to form at a specific date. Scientists calculated the age of the universe to be 15 billion years.

Bal arıları

41 Just as the small spots drawn on a balloon move away from one another as the balloon expands, so celestial bodies move away from one another with the effect of the Big Bang.

They named the moment the universe was born the "Big Bang," because 15 billion years ago, when nothing existed, everything suddenly emerged with an explosion from a single point. In brief, matter and the universe, which people assumed to have always existed, had a beginning. At this point, the question arises, "How did they come to understand that it had a beginning?" That was quite easy; The matter that scattered and sped away from other particles of matter with the big explosion is still moving away. Think for a moment! The universe is continuing to expand even at this moment. Imagine the universe as a balloon. If we draw two small spots on this balloon, what happens when you blow it up? The spots on the balloon move away from one another as the balloon expands and its volume increases. As in the case of the balloon, the volume of the universe is also increasing, and everything within it is racing away from everything else. In other words, the distance between the stars, galaxies, stars and meteors is continually increasing.

Çizgi filmler

If you think of the expansion of the universe as a film, if you rewound the images back to the beginning you would see that initially there was a single point.

Imagine that you are watching the expansion of the universe in a cartoon film. How would the universe look if we rewound the film back to the beginning? It would reduce down to a single point, would it not? That is exactly what scientists did. They returned to the beginning of the Big Bang and realised that the ever-expanding universe had initially been a single point.

This explosion, called the Big Bang, became the initial point of the existence Allah had predetermined for the "universe." With this explosion, Allah created the particles that made up the universe, and thus matter emerged. It scattered around at tremendous speed. During the initial moments of the explosion, this environment was almost like a soup of matter made up of different particles. But in time this great chaos started to transform into an ordered structure. Allah created atoms from the particles, and eventually stars from the atoms. Allah created the entire universe and everything in it.

Let's give an example to clarify all this:

Think of a huge space. It is utterly unlimited. There is only a bowl full of paint in it. Nothing else exists. In the bowl, all sorts of paints are mixed up, forming unusual colours. Imagine that a bomb explodes in this bowl, under the effect of which the paints scatter everywhere in the form of tiny specks. Imagine that millions of paint specks move in all directions in this space. Meanwhile, during this voyage of the small specks, unusual things start to happen. Instead of forming a chaotic mess and ultimately disappearing, they start interacting as if they were intelligent beings. The droplets that initially formed a coloured mixture start to sort themselves into their individual colours. Blues, yellows, reds, and all droplets of the same colour groups collect together and continue to move away. Yet even more unusual things continue to happen: Five hundred blue droplets join together and, in the form of a bigger drop, continue their journey. Meanwhile, three hundred red droplets in one corner and two hundred yellow droplets in another merge and keep scattering around together. These separate groups of colours move away from one another and form beautiful images, as if acting upon someone's orders.


The paints in a bowl scatter around as the result of an explosion. Could the paint droplets randomly scattered around spontaneously come together and form the picture we see in outer space? The spontaneous formation of this picture is definitely impossible. Advocating the theory that the universe came into existence by accident is more irrational than suggesting the spontaneous formation of the picture.

Some droplets come together and form images of stars, others become the picture of a sun, and some others form the planets around this sun. Another group of drops form the image of the Earth, while another forms the moon. If you ever saw such a picture, would you think that an explosion in a bowl of paint had accidentally formed this picture? Nobody would think that possible.

As the story of the paint drops shows, matter came together and formed the perfect picture we see when we look up in the sky, in other words, stars, the sun and planets. But could all these things have happened by themselves?

How could the stars in the sky, the planets, the sun, moon, and earth ever have come into existence as a result of atoms falling together by chance after an explosion? How about your mother, father, friends or birds, cats, bananas or strawberries…? Of course, this is most unlikely to have happened. Such an idea is as nonsensical as claiming that a house was not built by workers, but came into being by the free will of tiles and bricks, and by pure chance. We all know that bricks scattered around by a bomb explosion do not form little huts. They are reduced into stone and soil and, in time, mix back into the earth.

But one point deserves particular attention. As you know, paint drops are unconscious and inanimate matter. It is impossible that drops of paint could spontaneously come together and form pictures. Here, however, we are talking about the formation of conscious and living things. It is certainly highly improbable that living things such as human beings, plants and animals could have come into existence from inanimate matter purely through random chance.

To understand this better, we should consider our own bodies: They are composed of tiny molecules invisible to the eye, such as proteins, fats and water…These make up the cells, and the cells make up our bodies. The perfect order in our bodies is a product of a special design. Allah created our eyes that see, our hands that hold this book and our legs that enable us to walk. Allah predetermined how we would develop in our mothers' wombs, how tall we would be and the colours of our eyes.


It is Allah Who Created Everything

If you recall, at the beginning of the book we sought the correct answer to give to a disbelieving person. Now you have the answer. Explosions do not form an orderly picture, but only disrupt an existing one. The order that emerged after the explosion of the universe is even more perfect than the examples we mentioned—a big city or the bowl of paint. All these cannot be the product of coincidence.

This perfect system could have only been brought into being by the will of Almighty Allah. Allah is able to create anything. He just says to it, "Be!" and it is.

Allah created a beautiful world in a flawless universe for us, and He created animals and plants in it. He created the sun to emit energy and to make us warm. So finely adjusted is the distance of the sun from the earth that were it a little closer our world would be very hot, but if it were any farther away, then we would all freeze.

As scientists uncover more of these facts, we come to know the might of Allah better. That is because matter can neither make decisions nor carry them out. This means there is a Creator Who designs and creates this universe. Matter, the underlying substance of the stars, human beings, animals, plants and of everything, whether animate or inanimate, is all under Allah's control. That is why everything on earth is orderly. Because everything is created by Allah, the Maker and the Giver of Form.

Allah Created Everyone With a Destiny


Everything a person experiences from his birth to his death is determined by destiny. You can think of this like a film strip. If we take a film strip and look at it from a distance, we can see the beginning, middle and end of events at the same time.

At the beginning of the book, we referred to how Allah created Adam, peace be upon him. All human beings are descended from him. Allah has granted people life in this world to test them, and sent them messengers to communicate their responsibilities.

Everyone is put to the test in this world by the events he experiences. In other words, we are put to the test in our reactions to the incidents we encounter, the way we speak and our steadfastness in the face of difficulties: In brief, whether we conduct ourselves correctly.

This test will serve to determine our lot in the afterlife.

But the test in this world has a very important secret. As a great mercy and comfort granted to mankind, Allah created destiny. Destiny, that is, all the incidents one experiences throughout life, is predetermined by Allah even before one's birth. For each person, Allah creates his or her unique destiny.

To better understand this, we can liken it to a movie recorded on a videotape cassette. Both the beginning and the end of this movie are already known, but we can only know them after watching the film. This also holds true for destiny. Everything a person will do throughout his life, all the incidents he encounters, the schools he will attend, the houses in which he will live, and the moment of his death are all predetermined.

All incidents that happen to a person, whether good or evil, are predetermined in Allah's knowledge. Each person is put to the test in compliance with this scenario specifically written for him. To sum up, in accordance with this scenario, man goes through a series of incidents, and his faith, and then his actions as well as his reactions to these incidents, determine his lot in the afterlife.

Knowledge of destiny is a great source of comfort for man. It is a blessing from Allah. For this reason, there is no need for man to feel sorry for incidents whose outcomes are already preordained or to worry over events that do not go well. To those who show patience in the face of ordeals, aware that nothing happens without Allah's will, Allah gives the glad tidings of the Garden (Paradise). The messengers of Allah set the best examples in this respect. Allah gives such people the glad tidings of the Garden due to their exemplary faith and correct behaviour.



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Adnan Oktar suç örgütü değildir açıklaması.
Adnan Oktar'ın cezaevinden Odatv'ye yazdığı mektubu
Adnan Oktar'dan Cumhurbaşkanı Sayın Recep Tayyip Erdoğan'a mektup
Casuslukla suçlanmışlardı, milli çıktılar.
TBAV çevresinden "Bizler suç örgütü değiliz,kardeşiz" açıklaması
Bu sitelerin ne zararı var!
Adnan Oktar ve arkadaşları 15 Temmuz'da ne yaptılar?
Sibel Yılmaztürk'ün cezaevinden mektubu
İğrenç ve münasebsiz iftiraya ağabey Kenan Oktar'dan açıklama geldi.
Adnan Oktar ve arkadaşlarına Emniyet Müdürlüğü önünde destek ve açıklama...
Adnan Oktar hakkında yapılan sokak röportajında vatandaşların görüşü
Karar gazetesi yazarı Yıldıray Oğur'dan Adnan Oktar operasyonu...
Cumhurbaşkanı Sayın Recep Tayyip Erdoğan'dan Adnan Oktar ile ilgili...
Ahmet Hakan'nın Ceylan Özgül şüphesi.
HarunYahya eserlerinin engellenmesi, yaratılış inancının etkisini kırmayı...
Kedicikler 50bin liraya itirafçı oldu.
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"Milyar tane evladım olsa, milyarını ve kendi canımı Adnan Oktar'a feda...
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Adnan Oktar davasında hukuki açıklama
Adnan Oktar ve Arkadaşlarının Masak Raporlarında Komik rakamlar
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"Bizler Suç Örgütü Değiliz..."